7 Tips for Planning & Staying Organised

Welcome back to another blog post!

It seems only right to share my favourite ways to plan and keep myself organised.

I think it is fairly obvious that planning in its various forms would be top of my list - however there are a few ways in which I plan, and a few other ways that I stay organised...so let's jump right in!

1. Bullet Journalling

I am certainly partial to a bit of bullet journalling - I have recently created a few bullet journal sticker kits in different colours which give everything you need for a simple journal spread for the week and then some! This is a generic spread that I tend to set up for quick use to set up my week. I don't always use my Bullet Journal - I tend to use it when I have a slightly busier week. I will be sharing my full set up with you soon...

2. To Do lists

Of course, this one seems super simple - it is one of the most key ones for me. Whether it's part of planning or through a notepad on my desk, I tend to always have one lying around. I do try to break things up into chunks to help as well, however this will normally be under different categories such as: 'business', 'general life', 'personal projects' and 'house'. That way I can break it down to be the most productive I can be.

3. Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

I absolutely stick by this. That isn't to say that my desk is constantly tidy, but I do make a conscious effort that after a productive day - to tidy it before I move on. I always keep the essentials on my desk including a pen pot of my favourite pens and bits that I need. My desk is also positioned in the corner of the room with the window sill next to me - good for staring out the window too, rain or shine! The bonus of having the window sill is having a dumping ground - just kidding, I use it as a mini book shelf and keep notebooks required for work and planners & notebooks for personal use. Although it can sometimes end up like a dumping ground, I have recently reorganised my studio and everything has a place!

4. Declutter & Reorganise Regularly

I know you're probably thinking, how does this make a difference to how organised I am, but hear me out. I find it hard sometimes to think about what I need to do when there is constant mess and just 'STUFF' everywhere. I guess it means I always know there's something to tidy up. Therefore, I had to spend a bit of time last month sorting out cupboards/boxes upstairs as things ended up getting dumped - I still have a way to go, but everything has a home in a storage box now - we have an awful lot of wedding bits ready for next year and it is finally all stored in a couple of boxes ready. Giving everything a home will really help with this point as well.

5. Don't Procrastinate

Honestly, I know, this is so much easier said than done. I'm a big fan of multi-tasking, so for example, while I finish this blog post, I have stickers printing and then while they are cutting I will do quick jobs - this will often tend to be quick housework jobs that need doing as it gives me a time limit to get them done. I'm a big fan of 'Power Hours' or a dedicated time frame of say 15 minutes to get something done - this can't always be applied to Business related tasks, and I find it works easier with the tasks one would constantly put off.

6. Create a Routine

Routine does not work for everyone, but I do feel like it works for me. Particularly morning and evening around work - even my breaks I'll try to use productively and it is one of the things I have found working from home has immensely helped with! My routine either side of the day job is impacted by our dog too so I think that does help with sticking to a routine to ensure everything is done in time!

7. Planner Time

This year I treated myself to a new Filofax, my first in about 10 years or so - that's not to say I was using my old Filofax for that time! I have trialled several different planners and different layouts to find the best that suited me. After very little persuasion, I got myself a Filofax Saffiano A5 - I knew I needed to have something B6 or bigger as I always need to write a massive to do list - as you can see!

What are your tips for staying organised?

See you next week,


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