8 Reasons Why I Love to Journal

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Journaling and Scrapbooking is something that I have always done, especially in some form or another. I have many reasons why I choose to journal, and I wanted to share those reasons with you...maybe it will inspire you, maybe you just feel a bit intrigued or even nosey, I'm ok with any of them.

Let's get stuck in, because there are 8 reasons (plus many more) as to why I journal. I will also add, the journaling featured in these photos feature a number of brands, and they also feature my one love - Disney. For some context, we are getting married next year and are planning our honeymoon to Walt Disney World, we're almost at the year mark so what a better way to create some cute journal spreads with the ridiculous amount of Disney themed craft products that I have. I am going off on a tangent, these journal spreads also feature some of our new stickers - I think the messages large stickers work perfectly for documenting our must have snacks and must do rides! Anyway, I digress, let's look at the 8 reasons that I journal...!

1. Achieving and Bossing those Goals

I am a goal getter, I guess that is where planning comes in as that means i'm able to set goals weekly & monthly, sometimes yearly. Whether I do this in a simple list or sometimes I have done it in a full journal spread with pictures, words and the works. All of them work for me, and it very much depends on how I'm feeling at the time on the method that I choose.

2. Looking Back & Memory Journaling

This is one of my favourite things to do. I personally use a HP Sprocket Printer to create memory journaling, it's actually what I had the intention of doing this week but coincidentally I had run out of the paper that it takes! However, it will definitely be coming soon. I love memory journaling, I tend to add them in randomly...when really i should have maybe one B6 Stalogy that I use to do memory journaling in...*off I go to buy another B6 Stalogy and set up a memory journal*

3. Easing Stress & Anxiety

There's a lot to say for journaling easing anxiety and stress. When I did these journal spreads this week, I said to my partner how therapeutic it was and how calm I felt afterwards. I actually didn't expect to feel so relaxed, however it really worked for me. As you can see, there's such a wide variety of crafts that I have to use, and I've now realised that I haven't done enough journaling recently. So this is in writing, that it relieves stress so much and I will be doing it more!

4. Inspiration & Motivation

This is another one that I really enjoy doing. I guess these Disney spreads are an inspiration/motivation. We're spending a lot of time working towards our savings and other goals over the next year, Disney being one of those! Plus, with so many new Disney Vlogs from our favourite Vloggers, the Disney hype this week is most certainly at its peak. Anyway, I used these spreads as a little motivation to help us with saving and keep super excited, counting down to the day we get to go. Earlier this year, I also did a wedding/new year journal spread which I absolutely loved doing.

5. Achieving Perspective & Growth

I personally believe that growth as a person is key. My latest thing at the moment is manifestation and being positive. I am quite literally that 'positive vibes only' person, which is driving friends and family mad, in a good way! If anything the last year or so has taught me is not to take things for granted, and keep perspective of what we have. Perspective & Growth journal pages are normally revolving around business, this also ties into my Manifestation - if you follow us closely on Instagram and of course through our new blog, you will know we are taking actions to achieve exactly what we want to!

6. Keeping Myself Accountable

This accountability ties in with my motivation spreads that I made for our Wedding. I think there's a lot to be said for creating spreads to keep yourself accountable. This kind of spread could be for a particular goal - in this case, let's say saving, I would create a jar and each time I hit a goal I would fill up to that line. Therefore each time I hit that goal, I'm keeping myself accountable.

7. Planning Ahead

These spreads for Disney are my definite planning ahead. We're talking the top rides, top snacks for snacking as well as hopefully hitting up Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (or potentially Boo Bash), and of course the special themed Halloween snacks.

8. Gratefulness

I have already mentioned that my thing at the moment is manifestation and being positive, the third to this trio is living in the moment. Now I know that I am very much a planner, thinking ahead, but I am trying to do more of living in the moment - granted some of these things take some planning! However, as much as I would love to hop on over to Walt Disney World, I am taking the moments that we have now and doing more with that time. I would journal my gratefulness in a slightly smaller spread, maybe just a page or so, and journal my gratefulness of things that have happened that day/week/month.

I just wanted to end by adding in what I typically use & what is featured in these two spreads:

  • B6 Stalogy

  • Text Message & Instagram Poll Stickers by Wish Designs

  • Celebration Washi Tape & Ice Cream Drip Washi Tape by Wish Designs

  • Mickey Balloon stickers from Pebble & Co

  • Stickers by Papercuts by Amy

  • Stickers & Papers by Honeybshop

  • Other products feature Wonton In A Million, Carpediem Planners, Happie Scrappie

Do you journal? Do you journal for a particular reason?


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