It's All About Me! (& Wish Designs)

It's only right that we start with an introduction post, right? Gosh, I find these posts so awkward to write, but hey, here we go!

Hi, I'm Adele, late-20's and I live in the South of England with my fiancé and our adopted (family) dog. We bought out house mid-pandemic, got engaged mid-pandemic, adopted our dog from my guessed it - mid-pandemic and I also got a new job kind of mid-pandemic. It was quite a big year for us and we didn't let Covid get in our way. Don't get me wrong, it was also the hardest time yet one of the most productive times as well.

As for me:

  • I'm passionate about Stationery - hence Wish Designs, and I use planning & journalling to overcome a lot of anxieties and help find my way

  • I'm a huge Disney lover - yes yes, I am a Disney Adult & proud...I need a badge for that

  • Disney is a huge inspiration, it's subtly (& obviously) seen in things I do and normally unintentionally

  • I'm the oldest of 4 kids, make of that what you will

  • According to my partner, I like studying...this was from one time that I got excited about us both starting studying at the same time - secretly I just like the Back to School shopping

  • I am a big advocate for talking about things, somethings bothering you? Talk about it. In the other sense, something great has happened? Share it and hype yourself up! I think it's crucial to talk about things, particularly if something is bothering you.

  • I can balance a spoon on my nose...

I also asked my partner what I should put in my about me blog post, his response was "comical genius, steak lover & badass boss woman*" I wholeheartedly agree, and got him to admit that I am the comical genius in this relationship!

*not directly the words he used for this one, but we need to keep it semi-professional.

When I was researching blogging again, one question that I came across was "What would you love to learn how to do?"

It did get me thinking...but I didn't think I could write a whole blog post on it since this one is very simple for me.

I'd love to learn to fly a plane. It's always fascinated me, I love travelling and the thrill of taking off and flying somewhere - can barely get me on a rollercoaster though.

Fun fact: I have slept through an entire plane journey before, including the plane landing - this infuriates my family beyond belief, I find it quite funny - plus I always end up near the nervous flyers.

Another question that stuck out during research is, "Why Blogging?"

I guess you could call this one fairly simple as well. I love it. I used to blog regularly, and more regularly than I have currently committed to - however I am currently very motivated & inspired so you may get some bonuses. It was something that I thoroughly enjoyed, then I fell out of love with it, it became a saturated and too competitive market and I lost my way a little bit and then stopped altogether. However, I've wanted to restart this for quite some time and really I should have used the lockdowns as an excuse to restart but there is no point dwelling on what if's. I love having that place where I can keep typing and be able to share my thoughts, share anything lifestyle related and be able to share content.

That is why I chose to have a lifestyle blog as part of Wish Designs - I want to share so many aspects of life - it will include business related content, as well as things we get up to, journalling ideas, mental health, wedding content & so much more - Disney too of course! I have a fun post planned for Disney that will share some adorable, and maybe embarrassing photos!

As for Wish Designs, where do I begin?

The short story is, I have always love journalling and planning, more importantly I loved stationery. I originally started out by teaching myself to sew, I wanted to make some Minnie Mouse ears, I then channelled that in to creating pouches & bags as well as other accessories - then I dove into the world of stickers & planner kits...then I was able to invest in an iPad and start my Wish Designs creating my own decorative stickers, postcards & now we have a huge collection of Washi Tapes & Enamel Pins. If you mentioned to me a year ago that this is where I would be, I wouldn't have believed you!

It is certainly stressful at times, however it is 100% worth it. Like many small businesses, we are currently at an in between stage where the world is getting back to opening up from Covid and customers are focusing their purchases on bigger spends or holidays and trips out. I can't say I blame them, I have done the same, it is certainly tough for us small businesses. So, that being said, with Christmas around the corner, shop small!